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July 9, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Joe McConnell, research professor at the Desert Research Institute and expert in ice core studies joins David to discuss past climate and human impacts on the environment, and the economic story that ice cores can tell us

–Right-wing media dishonesty hits a new low as Drudge Report and other media outlets report on the number of people who are currently working, a completely meaningless statistic

–In a shocking conference call, the Trump administration admits it has lost track of the whereabouts of 20% of the parents who have been separated from their migrant toddlers by immigration authorities

–As progressive voter enthusiasm for the 2018 midterm elections wanes, a viewer contributes half-price memberships for people who are getting engaged

–Americans should prepare for increasingly expensive goods¬† as China and Canada make effective their retaliatory tariffs after Donald Trump’s tariffs take effect

–Despite claims from Donald Trump and his team that the Russia investigation is about to end, special prosecutor Robert Mueller hires even more prosecutors to work the case

–An unhinged President Donald Trump spends his weekend tweeting from his golf course about Hillary Clinton’s emails, Uranium One, and other conspiracy theories

–All-time heat records are set all over the world during the last 7-10 days in another sign that the growing climate change fiasco is only getting worse

–Voicemail from a teacher commends David for the critical thinking miniseries

–On the Bonus Show: Thai rescuers continue to work, Filipino President says he’ll quit if God’s existence is proven, man who questioned black woman’s pool rights loses job, much more…

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