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July 6, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Classic Interview: Coffee expert Kevin Sinnott joins David to clear up confusing coffee controversies

–A new Associated Press report exposes that the US army has started to quietly discharge immigrant recruits on a path to citizenship

–Corrupt Trump EPA Director Scott Pruitt is finally forced to resign by Donald Trump

–In a stunning turn of events, former Donald Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen has hired attorney Lanny Davis, a longtime friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton

–Caller believes the Trump scandal is more about Saudi Arabia and Israel and less about Russia

–Caller epically rants about some Democrats being feckless enablers

–Caller wants to know if the “blue wave” is a guarantee

–Caller demands college advice from David

–Caller wonders if Saudi Arabia and Israel are bad allies for the US

–Audience question: Is the World Cup an acceptable form of nationalism?

–Audience question: Which red state would David live in, if he had to live in a red state?

–On the Bonus Show: Rep. Jim Jordan allegedly ignored¬†sexual abuse, former MSNBC host Ed Schultz dies, Michael Avenatti may run for president, and much more…

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