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July 6, 2020

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–On the Show:

–The Mexican state of Sonora closes its border to the US in Arizona, determining it is too dangerous to allow Americans, possibly carrying coronavirus, to enter their country

–Florida breaks the coronavirus one week case record as Phoenix admits it opened to early

–A visibly sweating and confused-looking Donald Trump glitches badly and struggles to remain coherent during his ill-advised July 3 rally at Mt Rushmore

–Donald Trump gives a historically terrible 4th of July speech in Washington DC

–Donald Trump’s approval collapses in counties where coronavirus is raging

–Joe Biden’s tax plan, despite being written off as centrist by many, would actually be one of the most progressive tax plans ever made policy

–The garbage math we predicted months ago comes full circle in light of last week’s jobs report, including its cheerleading from the Trump administration and Donald Trump himself

—Furious, vile caller suggests David “go back to” Venezuela and that his 14-year-old daughter will “kick” David’s “ass”

–On the Bonus Show: NC protests banned, the dog year to human year ratio revisited, Michael Cohen accused of violating terms of prison release, much more…

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