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July 23, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Brian Klaas, Assistant Professor of Global Politics at University College London, Washington Post columnist, and host of the podcast series Power Corrupts, joins David to discuss geopolitics under Donald Trump

–David admits that as a progressive, he self-censors on some issues to avoid blowback from certain fringes of the left

–Robert Mueller is set to testify and Donald Trump is panicking, indicating that Mueller shouldn’t even be allowed to testify

–The Illinois Republican Counter Chairmens’ Association shares a meme labeling four ethnic minority congresswomen “The Jihad Squad,” then quickly deletes it

–It’s time to realize that horrifying dystopian capitalist stories aren’t inspirational but instead truly horrifying

–The David Pakman Show YouTube channel hits 700,000 subscribers…at the worst possible time

–Voicemail caller proclaims that Donald Trump is one of the best presidents we’ve had

–On the Bonus Show: Boris Johnson becoming UK Prime Minister, Equifax to pay $700 million, Al Franken regrets resigning over misconduct claims, much more…

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