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July 19, 2019

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–On the Show:

–It’s entirely possible that Donald Trump is the first atheist President of the United States

–Caller wonders if corporate media is being taken over by independent media

–Caller discusses dealing with his girlfriend’s Trump-supporting family

–Caller thinks transitioning right away to a $15 minimum wage would be too drastic in some areas of the country

–Caller suspects the election of Donald Trump was blowback for electing the first black president in Barack Obama

–Caller thinks whichever political party is in charge steamrolls the opposition party

–Caller brings up the anti-gay “New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church”

–Audience Question: Was Bernie Sanders’s anti-endorsement list a good idea?

–Audience Question: What would actually increase voter turnout?

–On the Bonus Show: Two-thirds of Americans oppose DC statehood, Mars could sustain life under “frozen smoke,” children less likely to die in states with stricter gun laws, and much more…

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