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January 4, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Within hours of taking over control of the House of Representatives, Democrats pass a bill to end the government shutdown without providing funding for Donald Trump’s US-Mexico border wall

–House Democrats are sworn in with Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker of the House, and the Donald Trump investigations start immediately

–Conspiracy theorist Stefan Molyneux has been talking about David quite a bit after their recent Twitter dispute

–Caller thinks Republican lawmakers are running a get-rich-quick scheme

–Caller wants to know if the left can meme with the best of them

–Caller presses David on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Benjamin Netanyahu

–Caller thinks US primary education is failing

–Caller asks David’s opinion on Congresswoman¬†Rashida Tlaib calling Trump a “motherf***er”

–Caller seeks out David’s opinion on nuclear energy

–Caller debates David on military involvement in Syria and whether Trump is compromised by foreign powers

–Audience Question: Will a Trump family member flip and cooperate with Robert Mueller?

–Audience Question: Is there a possibility that Trump tries to declare himself a dictator?

–Audience Question: Is there an advantage to announcing a presidential run early?

–On the Bonus Show: China probe lands on far side of the moon, single-use foam banned from NYC businesses, British Army recruiting, much more…

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