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January 1, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Will Sommer, tech reporter for The Daily Beast and author of “The Right Richter” newsletter on conservative media, joins David to discuss the recently failed attempt to smear special prosecutor Robert Mueller with false sexual assault allegations from women

–It is increasingly pointless for media to spend time fact-checking Donald Trump because the right has decided that facts themselves have no authority and are politically irrelevant

–The Republican plan to sabotage democracy dates back 10 or more years and involves a multi-pronged approach with voter suppression, expansion of political donations, and much more

–Despite the Trump administration’s fearmongering around the immigrant caravan, the Pentagon had actually advised the White House that no threat is posed by the quickly dwindling group of asylum seekers approaching the US-Mexico border

–Lunatic armed militias are once again headed to the US-Mexico border to “protect us” from the dwindling group of asylum seekers coming towards the United States

–If Donald Trump is successful in eliminating birthright citizenship, what would the standard be for establishing citizenship in the United States?

–An update to David’s DNA test has confirmed he is 100% Jewish

–Voicemail caller suggests that if Medicare for All cannot be passed, all medical expenses should become tax deductible

–On the Bonus Show: Tech issues galore, and much more…

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