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January 30, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Arian Foster, former NFL running back and current host of Now What? with Arian Foster, joins David to talk about football, NFL protests, the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots, and his program

–News of yet another private meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin surfaces, a meeting which took place without staff or notetakers, creating a growing trend

–Trump insider Christopher Bancroft Burnham gets a position on the board of one of the three Russian companies on which Donald Trump just eased sanctions

–This week’s Hatriot Mail involves Illuminati, the Pentagon, aerodynamics, and much more

–Donald Trump’s interim Attorney General Matthew Whitaker gives a bizarre, rambling speech about Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation while sweating profusely

–In an example of an actual state of emergency, Washington state is dealing with a measles outbreak as a result of parents choosing not to vaccinate their children

–New York convicts a white supremacist as a terrorist for the first time, a designation that is important for a number of reasons

–Voicemail caller asks whether Howard Schultz possibly running as an independent is exactly why we need ranked choice voting

–On the Bonus Show: Howard Schultz is Democratic enemy #1, PG&E files for bankruptcy after California wildfires, FBI finds no motive, much more…

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