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January 29, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Jack Stilgoe, Associate Professor of Science and Technology Studies at University College London, joins David to discuss improper and irresponsible testing of autonomous vehicles

–Donald Trump confuses climate change with weather, claiming on Twitter that a cold day in winter in the midwest disproves climate change

–Donald Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gives the White House first press briefing in 41 days, and it is riddled with non-answers and deception, as expected

–An analysis of Donald Trump’s “tax cuts” reveals that they have completely failed by every standard, including based on business capital investment, hiring, and deficit reduction

–A disturbing report reveals that Trump adviser Jared Kushner’s security clearance, along with those of nearly 30 other staffers, were rejected, but eventually overruled by a supervisor

–A new ABC News-Washington Post poll reveals that nearly half of all Americans have no confidence “at all” in Donald Trump, and there is a noticeable gender divide in the numbers

–YouTube announces it will tweak its recommendation algorithm to stop recommending conspiracy videos to users, a decision met with both praise and disdain

–Voicemail caller asks how to cut toxic people out of one’s life

–On the Bonus Show: Trump touts Bible literacy classes in public schools, internet addition spawns treatment programs, Tom Brokaw wants Hispanics to assimilate, much more…

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