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January 16, 2017

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Classic episode from November 16, 2016

–On the Show:

–Reed Summers, Director of the Society for the New Message from God and Son of the self-proclaimed Messenger of God Marshall Vian Summers, joins David to discuss the worldwide community of people involved in his organization

–President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team is in disarray; Mike Pence has replaced Chris Christie as the team’s leader and officials have not been in contact with many of the departments they are soon to take over

–Donald Trump promised major tax cuts on the campaign trail, but it turns out those tax cuts won’t be so large as they would explode the national deficit

–Ben Carson ran for President, but now he has declined to take a role in the Trump Administration because he feels he has no government experience

–A double dose of Hatriot Mail

–ADL’s Center on Extremism reports a spike in reports of racist, anti-Semitic, graffiti and vandalism since the election of Donald Trump

–Pamela Ramsey Taylor, the Director of the Clay County Development Corporation, is fired for saying “[she is] tired of seeing a ape in heels” as First Lady

–Fox News Host Megan Kelly says in her upcoming memoir “Settle for More” that Donald Trump offered her and other journalists gifts in exchange for positive coverage during the presidential campaign

–Megan Kelly opens up about her allegations that disgraced Fox News CEO Roger Ailes sexually harassed her when she first joined the organization in 2004

–Voicemail from Louisiana Troll claiming that Democrats will never win another election because of their treatment of minority voters

–On the Bonus Show: New Jersey bans declawing cats, India leads the world in selfie-related deaths, the alt-right’s Twitter purge and much more…

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