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January 11, 2017

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–On the Show:

–Ryan Nicodemus, one-half of “The Minimalists” duo along with his best friend Joshua Fields Millburn, joins David to discuss how the minimalist lifestyle promotes a less materialist, more meaningful life

–Donald Trump received a briefing from the US intelligence agencies presenting him with evidence that Russia holds damaging information about the President-elect, including that the Russian government tried to influence Trump for years through business dealings, bribes, and meetings, and that the Kremlin’s hacks on the DNC and Podesta emails were done with “full knowledge and support” of Trump and his campaign team

–Hatirot Mail

–Madeline Quirk’s coffee label designs win big league with The David Pakman Show audience

–Poll results from The David Pakman Show website are announced on what scares people the most about a Donald Trump presidency

–Tucker Carlson will take over Megyn Kelly’s primetime slot on Fox News after Kelly’s swift departure from the network, suggesting that Rupert Murdoch is moving Fox in a pro-Donald Trump direction

–Voicemail from “Ben Carson” explaining how he is indeed qualified to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

–On the Bonus Show: China to attempt up to 30 space launches in 2017, millennials may lose majority of jobs to automation, Dylan Roof gets the death penalty and much more…

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