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January 15, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Members of Congress, including Ayanna Pressley and James Clyburn, believe that some kind of inside involvement must have been necessary for the Trump Capitol riots to happen as they did

–Donald Trump is reportedly refusing to pay Rudy Giuliani his legal fees for his so-called election fraud work, a report that is completely unsurprising

–Caller points out that the government is failing to hold Donald Trump accountable

–Caller asks if single payer health care will lead to lower quality care

–Caller questions how the right-wing can claim to be “pro-life”

–Caller wonders how to change the minds of committed Trump supporters

–Caller wants employees to have ownership of businesses

–Caller asks if the United States’ reputation can be restored after Donald Trump

–Audience Question: Why did the Capitol Police fail to stop the Trump coup attempt?

–Audience Question: What will be the consequences of the Capitol riots?

–Audience Question: Does the Trump insurrection mean the end of the Republican Party?

–On the Bonus Show: Biden’s COVID relief plan, Democratic Congressman stands up to Trump supporters at airport, Jaime Harrison may be next DNC chair, and much more…

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