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January 13, 2021

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–On the Show:

–The shared psychosis of Trumpism gives us important insight into the cult that has developed over the last four years

–A report finds that police are much more likely to shut down left wing protests rather than right wing protests

–Donald Trump gives deranged press statements to the press on his way to a propaganda event at the Texas-Mexico border where he falsely claimed to have completely the wall

–Multiple Republicans will vote to impeach Donald Trump in the House of Representatives

–Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell now supports the impeachment of Donald Trump, although it’s not at all clear that he would personally vote to convict Trump in a Senate impeachment trial

–Donald Trump reportedly warned his Vice President Mike Pence about being a “pussy” if he did not make an attempt to steal the election for Trump on January 6

–Trump rioters are told to expect charges of sedition and potential 20 year prison sentences for their actions in the Capitol riot on January 6

–Fox News host Brian Kilmeade suggests Trump not be impeached because it will make Trumpists violent

–Voicemail caller wonders whether Donald Trump will pardon the Capitol rioters

–On the Bonus Show: Another COVID19 case caused by Trump riot, coronavirus will live on even after vaccination, more people continue to be fired for their participation in the Trump riot, much more…

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