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January 11, 2021

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–On the Show:

–The future of America in the wake of a disgusting riotous insurrection incited by Donald Trump is up to us, and there are huge risks to mismanaging the reaction

–Donald Trumps will likely be impeached a second time, making him the only President in American history to be impeached a second time, likely to come just one week before he leaves office

–Donald Trump is planning an absolutely insane final week in office

–Donald Trump has been suspended from Twitter for life, as well as a number of other platforms indefinitely, for his continued incitement of violence and false claims about voter fraud

–Contrary to the situation during Trump’s first impeachment, even many Republicans are now in favor of removing Donald Trump from office

–Republican Senator and Trump sycophant Lindsey Graham appears on Fox News to beg for mercy for Donald Trump

–Most of the country now wants Donald Trump removed from office

–A supposed Donald Trump supporter calls C-SPAN in tears after apparently realizing that Donald Trump has been lying to her

–Voicemail caller appreciates the live all-day coverage of the Trump riotous insurrection last week

–On the Bonus Show: Dem Senator Manchin prefers targeted stimulus checks, Biden will release all vaccine doses, Republican lawmaker who rioted has resigned, much more…

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