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February 3, 2010

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman / February 3rd, 2010

Total Running Time: 59:58

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This Week’s Topics:

–Victor Ostrovsky, ex-Mossad case officer, former member of the Israeli Defense Force, and former Lieutenant Commander of the Israeli Navy, joins us live.

–New stations airing Midweek Politics in Atlanta, Winnipeg, and New York.

–Do Louis’ tattoos have to be covered for the TV version of Midweek Politics?

–Barack Obama’s first official State of the Union address, including standing ovations, applause, Samuel Alito’s eye-rolling and head-shaking, pivoting to the economy and away from healthcare, and much more.

–Sarah Palin’s insightful analysis before and after the SOTU speech.

–Chris Matthews with another strange race-related comment, saying he forgot Barack Obama was black for an hour during the SOTU.

–Obama asks for a full repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell during the SOTU, and Defense Secretary Robert Gates agrees, yet a task force needs to research DADT for one year before anything will be done.

–11000 troops have been discharged for being gay, and countless more never joined or were not allowed to, and we ask whether we will have a net gain by allowing homosexuals and letting the homophobes leave the military.

–Barack Obama meets with the GOP and scolds them, and Fox News cuts away from coverage when it starts getting contentious.

–The Steven Anderson controversy continues, this time with an email from another Baptist preacher.

–Tim Tebow and his Super Bowl anti-abortion ad, with news from attorney Gloria Allred that she thinks Tebow’s mother’s story is made up, given that abortions have been against the law and strongly penalized in the Philippines since 1930.

–Keith Olbermann’s rant about newly elected Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown was incredibly accurate, especially considering that Olbermann was forced to apologize for it.

–Abortion Doctor George Tiller’s murdered, Scott Roeder, is convicted on all counts, including murder.

–Roger Ailes defends Glenn Beck’s comments in a rare TV appearance with Barbara Walters and Ariana Huffington.

–John Edwards tried to get his aide, Andrew Young, to claim fatherhood of Edwards’ baby with Rielle Hunter.

–Mel Gibson reacts negatively to questions about his past drinking and anti-Semitic rants during an interview about his latest movie.

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