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January 20, 2010

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman / January 20th, 2010

Total Running Time: 56:38

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This Week’s Topics:

–Ray Drewnowski, Political Director for Pioneer Valley Young Democrats, joins us live in studio to discuss the results and ins-and-outs of the recent Massachusetts special Senatorial election that saw Republican Scott Brown elected to replace Ted Kennedy in the US Senate.

–Email reaction to Jordan Sekulow’s recent appearance on Midweek Politics.

–The Haitian earthquake, including Barack Obama’s quick response, and why it was too quick for Rush Limbaugh, after saying the response to the underwear bomber was too slow.

–The status of illegal Haitian immigrants in the US and deportation, over 30 aftershocks following the magnitude 7 earthquake, and Fox News coverage of the event.

–Pat Robertson suggests that the Haitian earthquake is a result of Haiti’s signing of a pact with the devil to free them from France’s rule, and even Imus disagrees.

–Harold Ford Jr, sounding more and more like a Republican, says it was good to hear George W Bush’s voice on Haiti.

–It turns out Wyclef Jean’s charity is under scrutiny for strange practices, including paying Wyclef himself for performing to raise money for his OWN charity, among many other problems.

–The Massachusetts special election results in a win for Republican Scott Brown 52 to 47 percent, and the big question is what will happen with healthcare, including the several options to get healthcare reform passed in spite of Scott Brown’s intentions to prevent it.

–Whether robocalls, political TV ads, and political text messages can actually change minds, or just try to keep up with the competition.

–California healthcare reformers want to put a limit on the waiting time to see primary care providers at 10 days, and the maximum wait time to be called back by their office to 30 minutes.

–Barack Obama’s first year in office, including 66 percent less vacation time than George W Bush, as well as many press conference, meetings, and trips. We look at Obama’s trouble spots, including GITMO, healthcare, low enthusiasm from Democrats for 2010, Afghanistan, and more.

–Abortion doctor George Tiller’s murdered, Scott Roeder, will attempt a defense arguing that he was saving lives by killing Tiller, and his charge should be manslaughter, and Judge Warren Wilbert will actually consider this.

–Virginia license plate money can be directed to anti-abortion groups.

–Sarah Palin insists on the existence death panels as a Fox News contributor, and hurt her public perception with the release of her book.

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