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February 23, 2015

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Today on The David Pakman Show / February 23, 2015

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On the Show:

–Joseph R. Murray, constitutional attorney and author of the book Odd Man Out, joins David to discuss his time as an attorney for anti-gay Christian groups, the repercussions for coming out as gay, and his current political views

–Bill O’Reilly has his own Brian Williams style lying problems

–A labor complaint is filed against Walmart as they increase their minimum wage

–Climate-denying scientist Wei-Hock Soon has received $1.2 million for his opinions

–Noteworthy Amazon items: Better Call Saul

–The Oscars: American Sniper gets snubbed amid lots of political commentary

–CPAC 2015 excludes gay Republicans and welcomes white nationalists

–Erick Erickson, Fox News contributor and Editor-in-Chief of, claims that ISIS and gay activists are the same…except for the killing part

–Christina Bond, a 55-year-old elected Republican official in Michigan, fatally shoots herself while adjusting the gun in her bra

–Email on the Willacoochee caller and a voicemail from a climate denier

–On the Bonus Show: President Maduro of Venezuela accuses the US of trying to take him down, Oscar nominee gift bags, the Muslim Mayor of Rotterdam has some harsh words for other Muslims, more…

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