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February 20, 2015

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Today on The David Pakman Show / February 20, 2015

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On the Show:

–Classic Interview: Dylan Ratigan speaks with David Pakman about his book Greedy Bastards, about taking back control of the economic and financial systems, and more

–A driverless Audi TT beats professional driver David Vodden in a race

–Mars One selects their final 100 applicants

–Should there be an upper age limit for political candidates?

–Flashback: Barack Obama’s recovery bill passes, and the President was selling it until the last second he signed it in Denver, and even afterwards

–Flashback: Elizabeth Warren joins us in studio while on campaign and a republican “stalker” is following her entourage around with a camera

–Flashback: Cenk Uygur and David Pakman are the stars in some brilliantly written gay erotic fan fiction

–Audience Question: When did you learn Santa wasn’t real?

–Audience Question: Is the grass always greener on the other side for you?

–Audience Question: What is proper etiquette for splitting the bill at a restaurant? What is most fair?

–On the Bonus Show: A beer review from David and Louis, Korean “eating broadcasts” or “muk-bang,” severe drought in Sao Paulo, more…

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