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February 15, 2019

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–On the Show:

–The US national debt surpasses $22 trillion despite President Trump’s promise to eliminate it entirely in eight years

–Caller gets into a heated exchange over how to pay for Medicare for All

–Caller wants to know what’s next for progressives in the case that Bernie Sanders loses to Donald Trump in 2020

–Caller discusses Ilhan Omar’s tweets that were condemned as antisemitic tropes

–Caller talks about the proposition of US intervention in Venezuela

–Caller believes socialism is the only solution to climate change

–Caller asks about free will and determinism

–Caller talks about sexist and antisemitic tropes in politics

–Audience Question: You’ve talked about making Election Day a national holiday, what about mail-in ballots?

–Audience Question:  If we can’t get Medicare for All, what are ways we can improve the Affordable Care Act?

–Audience Question: When will David endorse a 2020 presidential candidate?

–On the Bonus Show: Iowa proposes virtual caucuses, Hawaii bill would make smoking age 100, Southern Baptist sexual abuse scandal, and much more…

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