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February 13, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Bill Scher, Contributor Editor to Politico Magazine and host of the New Books in Politics Podcast, joins David to discuss his recent article arguing that calculating electability is something Democrats should do, but in contrast to 2016, they should do it correctly

–A BBC cameraman is assaulted at Donald Trump’s “Build the Wall” rally in El Paso, Texas by a MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporter

–Donald Trump is caught lying, again, about crowd size, this time having his claims refuted by the El Paso, Texas Fire Department

–This week’s Hatriot Mail

–Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s doctor, Jonathan Reiner, asserts that the White House is hiding something about Donald Trump’s health after the latest physical exam

–A record number of Americans have fallen 90 days behind on their car payments, a red flag in an economy with very low unemployment and a very high stock market

–Donald Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claims that El Chapo, who was captured in Mexico, is proof that we need a US-Mexico border wall

–Voicemail caller says Elizabeth Warren should simply admit that she asserted Native American ancestry to try to gain advantages in education and employment, and that it’s no big deal

–On the Bonus Show: El Chapo found guilty, plummeting insect numbers threaten biosphere, Sweden’s cashless experiment update, much more…

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