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February 14, 2011

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This Week on The David Pakman Show / February 14th, 2011

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On the Show:

–The David Pakman Show set gets a makeover, and there is still much left to work out.

–Seth Mnookin, Contributing Editor to Vanity Fair, joins us to discuss the recent hoax involving claims by Dr. Andrew Wakefield that MMR vaccinations had caused autism in children.

–Jackson Katz, author and anti-sexist activist, joins us in studio discuss a number of topics involving the gender politics of American elections and news reporting.

–One company is actually selling conservative political speeches, including some from Sarah Palin and George W. Bush, and we wonder why anyone would buy speeches given by people who have trouble speaking, and are available for free on YouTube.

–Fox news says that Mubarak’s resignation is ‘the biggest news in the middle east since victory in Iraq, and after wondering what on earth they are referring to, we discuss Mubarak sneaking money out of the country, and why, if the news in Egypt is so big now, we have not heard almost a single word about oppression in Egypt for 30 years.

–In thinking of the reasons Donald Rumsfeld gave for the Iraq invasion in his book, we realize the reasons do not stand up given that we have ignored North Korea, where there’s also oppression and weapons of mass destruction, and many other cases, most of which present no financial opportunity for the United States.

–Moral corruption in America

–CPAC happened in Washington DC over the weekend, including Dick Cheney being called a war criminal, and a CPAC poll won by Ron Paul, confirming how worthless that straw poll is.

–Donald Trump shows up at CPAC and says Ron Paul is unelectable

–Allen West, new Congressman from Florida, is someone we should be scared of.

–Investigating Allen West’s funding reveals many interesting things, including a company called Base Connect, which finds anti-Islam and anti-immigration candidates like West and keeps most of the money they raise for them, and a more detailed look reveals incestuous circular funding taking place among Republican PAC’s and corporations.

— Emails about David using the term refudiate, staged heterosexual sex scandal, Republicans refusing government healthcare, whether Egypt protests could happen in the US, and more

–On the Bonus Show One third of Russians believe Sun orbits around Earth, talking geothermal energy, a controversial new internet domain extension, much more.

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