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February 12, 2021

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–On the Show:

–100 anti-Trump conservatives are plotting a possible breakaway party to separate from the Republican Party

–A new study reveals that 40% of COVID deaths during Donald Trump’s presidency could have been avoided with better policy

–Joe Biden’s initial approval of 62% is the highest for any President in the last 28 years

–Caller asks about right-wing media in the post-Trump era

–Caller is worried Joe Biden will die in office

–Caller talks about left-wing dog whistles

–Caller discusses whether the Proud Boys should be labeled a terrorist organization

–Caller asks if Marjorie Taylor Greene will be removed from Congress

–Caller talks about media literacy and taking in a diverse media diet

–Caller asks about how Republicans will perform in the 2022 midterms

–Audience Question: Do you know people who are refusing to get the COVID vaccine?

–Audience Question: Can Democrats make Washington DC and Puerto Rico states?

–Audience Question: Why do so many Americans not vote?

–On the Bonus Show: Why Trump’s inevitable exoneration isn’t all that bad, the worst impeachment defense argument, the future of the fight for $15 minimum wage, and much more…

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