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February 9, 2021

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–On the Show:

–COVID-19 cases are down 56% from their average peak on January 11th, deaths start coming down, and the US does 2 million vaccinations per day each day this past weekend

–Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial starts, and Donald Trump should be unanimously convicted, but he will be acquitted again

–Donald Trump sends a deranged letter about his impeachment, claiming he cannot be tried because he is now a private citizen

–Donald Trump’s lawyers will make the case that Donald Trump is the victim rather than the perpetrator, a typical and predictable move for an authoritarian narcissist

–The issue of transgender women in sports, as amplified by the American right wing, is merely a fabricated wedge issue meant to divide people

–Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump reportedly made $640 million while working at the White House during Donald Trump’s presidency

–Fox News host Laura Ingraham goes completely off the rails, claiming that the real insurrection is the Joe Biden insurrection

–Even Fox News host Chris Wallace shuts down Republican Senator Rand Paul’s terrible arguments about the constitutionality of Donald Trump’s second impeachment

–Voicemail caller believes the Sam Seder subscriber feud is real, and doesn’t like it

–On the Bonus Show: GA Secy of State investigating Trump’s phone call, judge rules recreational cannabis unconstitutional in South Dakota, Super Bowl streaker planted by YouTuber, much more…

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