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December 28, 2016

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Classic episode from August 22, 2016

On the Show:

–Our investigation into the truth about police shootings of black men, including what studies do and don’t say about the matter.

–Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump puts foot in mouth in Diamondale, Michigan, says black people have no jobs, no money, no anything.

–Donald Trump’s advisor, Jack Kingston, admits that a ‘burning car’ would reach black voters better than he has done so far.

–Former campaign leader for Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, resigns as his Russian connections and other affiliations are too much for even Donald to bear.

–Notable amazon items: Energy drinks.

–The United States Justice Department’s Deputy Attorney General, Sally Yates, announced they will finally end use of private prisons after years of documented failures.

–EPIC: Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s new campaign manager, provides us with an amazing flip-flop on his tax returns.

–Louisiana flood victims are brought to tears after Donald Trump showed up for 45 seconds to pass out food, after stepping out of his private jet.

–Flooding in Louisiana continues to wreak havoc.

–On the Bonus Show: Louis questions some viral online videos, inmates made defective military helmets, ramen replacing tobacco in prison, more…

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