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December 26, 2016

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–On the Show:

–Ben Dixon, Host of The Benjamin Dixon Show, fills in while David is on vacation in London. Check out his channel:

–The RNC releases a holiday message celebrating the “new King,” leading some to believe they were referring to the election of Donald Trump

–Donald Trump takes to Twitter to unveil his nuclear policy, prompting concerns over a new Cold War with Russia

–The United States abstains from vetoing the United Nations Security Council’s resolution to end Isreali settlements, causing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to have a fit

–Barack Obama hints in his exit interview with David Axelrod that he would have been re-elected if allowed to run for a third term as president

–Drexler University Professor George Ciccariello-Maher tweets that “all [he] wants for Christmas is White Genocide”

–A&E cancels their KKK documentary series after it surfaces that white nationalists and klansmen would have been on their payroll

–Former Trump supporters take to social media to voice their displeasure with President-elect Trump flip-flopping on his campaign promises

–George Michael is the latest of a long list of celebrities to pass away in 2016

–A Catholic church prints out the lyrics to “Hail Mary,” but accidently uses Tupac’s 1997 hip hop song with the same name

–On the Bonus Show: MC Hammer selling out, Bill O’Reilly wants rural white votes to count more than urban minority votes, holiday plans and much more…

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