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August 7, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Liz Watson, Democratic nominee running for the US House of Representatives in Indiana’s 9th Congressional district against incumbent Trey Hollingsworth, joins David to discuss her campaign and platform

–Donald Trump restarts sanctions on Iran as part of is exit of the Iran Nuclear Deal in a massive geopolitical disaster that might be deliberately used to create a pretext to military conflict with Iran

–The UK and EU are working on ways to protect European companies against Donald Trump’s Iran sanctions reinstatement

–YouTube completely bans Alex Jones’ Infowars channel after Spotify, Facebook, and iTunes started taking more aggressive action in removing his content

–Despite recently claiming that collusion with Russia wouldn’t be illegal, President Donald Trump has claimed on multiple occasions that Hillary Clinton should be investigated for colluding with Russia

–President Donald Trump will propose the biggest changes to the American immigration system in decades, limiting citizenship and permanent residency for legal immigrants

–The Trump EPA is building a framework to allow new uses of the toxic carcinogen asbestos

–Young voicemail caller is considering joining the military and wants David’s advice and opinion

–On the Bonus Show: Canada-Saudi Arabia dispute ramps up, Jason Alexander becomes KFC’s Colonel Sanders, Anonymous wants to debunk QAnon, much more…

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