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August 18, 2010

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman / August 18th, 2010

Total Running Time: 60:00

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This Week’s Topics:

–Mike Papantonio, attorney and host of Ring of Fire Radio, joins us live to discuss the aftermath of the BP oil spill, the Ground Zero Mosque controversy, the Proposition 8 ruling, the recent oil discovery in Afghanistan, and much more.

–Tyler Boudreau, Iraq war veteran and former Marine, joins us in studio to discuss his time in the military, his hesitations about the war in Iraq, his time overseas, and much more. The full interview is available on the Midweek Politics Members Podcast.

–David is running a 5K for cancer research in Boston and you can sponsor him through the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

–Doctor Laura Schlessinger’s recent n-word rant, including the original phone call into her radio show, her response, using the n-word multiple times, the argument with the caller, and Doctor Laura’s subsequent apology.

–We wonder why racist Al Sharpton is again brought in as the arbiter of racist incidents, who appointed him, and more.

–Doctor Laura’s appearance on Larry King where she says she is leaving radio, and why we think it is more likely she will be back after quietly renewing her contract, maybe even with a black co-host in Imus fashion.

–A white couple in Illinois is charged for refusing to sell their home to a black couple.

–The INSP cable channel is filled with snake oil salesmen asking people for thousand-dollar seeds which they will get back from God 100 times over within 90 days.

–South Carolina Senate hopeful Alvin Greene is indicted on obscenity charges for showing a college student pornography, and he loses all control when a reporter goes to his house to find out whether he will stay in the race.

–Ben Quayle is running for Congreesman from Arizona, and his campaign commercials claim both that Barack Obama is the worst President in history, and that he was “raised right,” presumably by his father, former Vice President Dan Quayle. We look at Ben’s former jobs, including writing for a porno website, the family pictures he took for his campaign with children who were not actually his, and revisit some of his father’s best quotes.

–Follow up on the Prop 8 debate, including hilarious information from Jeremy Hooper over at Good As You which shows, contrary to what the Family Research Council told us last week, the FRC does get involved in the bestiality conspiracies related to gay marriage, plus follow up on the Steven Slater JetBlue incident.

-Last week’s poll about BP cleaning up the oil spill, a new poll this week about Barack Obama commenting the Ground Zero Mosque controversy,

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