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August 14, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Kamala Harris birthers immediately surface to question her eligibility to be President or Vice President of the United States

–The Trump campaign jumps into full Willie Horton mode tweeted out mug shots of black people accused of crimes

–Caller asks how bad coronavirus would have to get to convince Trump supporters

–Caller asks if the Democrats should go high or low

–Caller is angry with coronavirus deniers

–Caller no longer wants to vote for Joe Biden because of Kamala Harris

–Caller worries their vote won’t count in the 2020 election

–Caller discusses political hobbyism versus political activism

–Caller asks how to convince Republicans to tax the rich

–Audience Question: Would strong quarter three numbers rocket Trump to reelection?

–Audience Question: At what point would a military coup to remove Trump be not the worst option?

–Audience Question: Will Republicans back Trump’s push to delay the election?

–On the Bonus Show: Anti-mask “Karen” carried out of grocery store, Pennsylvania having mail problems, and much more…

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