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August 13, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Dr. Bandy X. Lee, Yale University forensic psychiatrist, joins David to discuss Donald Trump’s cognitive state, possible conditions, the Goldwater Rule, and much more

–Donald Trump humiliates himself so badly at his latest coronavirus press briefing that even Fox News cuts away from it, telling their audience they can watch the rest of the briefing online

–Joe Biden and Kamala Harris sound remarkably normal at their first join campaign event, and Harris’ net favorability is immediately the highest among Trump, Pence, Biden, and Harris herself

–A major election forecast from Nate Silver’s 538 confirms that indeed, Donald Trump can easily win re-election in November

–Noam Chomsky concurs with David in that Joe Biden is the furthest left candidate ever on a variety of issues, including climate

–Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro makes a strange comment about something “happening” to Joe Biden to prevent him from being on the ticket in November

–Extremely ugly allegations are hurled by Majority Report host Sam Seder in relation to the recent surge in David Pakman Show YouTube channel subscribers

–Voicemail caller asks about whether anyone in line to vote when polls close must be allowed to vote

–On the Bonus Show: Florida sheriff orders deputies not to wear masks, woman with COVID claims she’s been evicted, poll shows Ed Markey widely leading Joe Kennedy in Massachusetts, much more…

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