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April 9, 2021

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–On the Show:

–The House of Representatives will vote on making Washington DC the 51st US state later this month

–The latest fake scandal surges as Newsmax pushes a story about Vice President Kamala Harris laughing too much and in the wrong way

–Caller asks about right-wing media obsessing over “gotcha” questions

–Caller wonders if the US should boycott the Beijing Olympics in 2022

–Caller discusses racism in Latin America

–Caller asks if paid family leave and child care are “infrastructure”

–Caller doesn’t know how to teach media literacy

–Caller asks what Biden will do about immigration

–Caller talks about student loan forgiveness

–Caller asks about traveling to another country for the COVID vaccine

–Caller wonders if Democrats can keep winning in Georgia

–Audience Question: Why doesn’t Biden brag about the stock market like Trump did?

–Audience Question: Should the left even bother challenging the right on cultural issues?

–Audience Question: Does Kamala Harris have a better shot at becoming president if Biden does or doesn’t run in 2024?

–On the Bonus Show: Biden announces his gun plan, Joe Rogan’s bad take on stimulus checks, Candace Owens calls January 6th America’s “Reichstag fire,” and much more…

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