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April 6, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Amanda Makki, attorney and Republican strategist, joins David to discuss Republican policy and strategy in recent years and looking forward, as well as the role of Donald Trump in the future of the party

–COVID cases and deaths continue down after a brief surge of cases, while vaccination continues to accelerate

–Half of Republicans are absolutely clueless about the January 6 Trump riots, many believing that they were left-wingers in disguise rather than actual Trump supporters who did the rioting

–Despite Donald Trump and Republicans claiming that COVID policy was causing suicides to spike, suicides were notably down in 2020

–Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz could face life in prison if convicted of child sex trafficking

–Fox News’ new weeknight comedy show hosted by Greg Gutfeld couldn’t possibly be less funny, raising more questions about whether right wing comedy could possibly work

–David tells the story of when he was offered a lucrative job if he were to have a political awakening and become a conservative

–Voicemail caller says David does not need to give as many disclaimers, including about Goldman Sachs pandemic predictions

–On the Bonus Show: Packed stadium for Texas Rangers home MLB opening, Treasury Secy Janet Yellen calls for global corporate income tax, the crazy situation with Lil Nas X, much more…

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