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April 1, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Donald Trump has been writing out insults from his Mar-a-Lago residence and asking aides to tweet them

–Republican Senator Mitt Romney introduces a bill to provide $3,000 to $4,200 per child as part of a coronavirus stimulus effort

–Caller discusses Joe Biden’s willingness to work with Republicans

–Caller doesn’t like virtue signaling

–Caller warns about Joe Biden thinking Republicans will work with him

–Caller wants states to make a push for Medicare for All

–Caller from Scotland talks about coronavirus across the pond

–Caller discusses coronavirus in Arizona

–Caller talks about $1,400 stimulus checks versus $2,000 stimulus checks

–Caller thinks the United States isn’t worth moving to because of its healthcare system

–Caller discusses trans athletes competing in sports

–Audience Question: Why is opposition to coronavirus guidelines considered conservative?

–Audience Question: Did Washington DC’s gun laws prevent deaths at the Trump riot?

–Audience Question: Are there left-wing dog whistles?

–On the Bonus Show: Kyle Rittenhouse goes missing, Marjorie Taylor Greene gets kicked off committees, OAN outflanks Newsmax over MyPillow interview, and much more…

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