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April 28, 2016

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–Dickson Despommier, Professor Emeritus of Microbiology and Public Health at Columbia University who has been working on vertical farming after conceiving the “urban farm skyscraper,” joins David to discuss the pros and possible cons of vertical farming

–In a desperate move to win more votes, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has prematurely selected Carly Fiorina as a running mate

–A Harvard University survey suggests that a majority of millennials “reject capitalism”

–Documentary recommendation: The Search for Life: The Drake Equation

–Donald Trump will be called to testify at a trial against his own “university”

–Dennis Hastert, former Republican Speaker of the House, has been sentenced to 15 months in jail for fraud related to the coverup of multiple instances of teen sex abuse

–Not to be outdone by Volkswagen, automaker Mitsubishi admitted this week that they have been falsifying fuel efficiency tests for 25 years

–Young girls in the country of Guinea are increasingly being subjected to female genital mutilation before the age of 10

–Voicemail on driverless trucks and manufacturing jobs

–On the Bonus Show: Chinese company unveils passenger drone, Thailand’s April heatwave, Paramount sued over product placement, more…

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