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April 27, 2016

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–Peter K. Enns, author of Incarceration Nation: How the United States Became the Most Punitive Democracy in the World, joins David to discuss how the mass incarceration status quo of the United States came to be

–Hillary Clinton wins 4 of 5 primaries; is it over for Bernie Sanders?

–Donald Trump sweeps 5 primaries; will Ted Cruz and John Kasich still push for a contested convention?

–People identifying as “very conservative” are voting for Donald Trump over Ted Cruz

–Hatriot Mail

–Buck Newton, a Republican candidate running to become North Carolina’s attorney general, said “we must fight to keep our state straight” while talking about the controversial transgender bathroom law in the state

— Malaria is becoming a bigger and bigger crisis in the south African country of Angola; in 2014 5,500 people in Angola died of malaria, and in 2015 that number grew to 8,000

–Plaintiff Jennifer Cramblett, who is white, gave birth to her mixed-race daughter Payton three years ago; in her lawsuit, she says that the sperm bank’s mixup led to “an unplanned transracial parent-child relationship for which she was not, and is not, prepared.”

–A convoy of self-driving trucks drove across Europe and arrived at the port of Rotterdam; estimates are that driverless trucks are not only here and growing, but that they will be one of the biggest job automators in the current economy

–Voicemail about Quaaludes

–On the Bonus Show: Snapchat lobbies for ballot selfies, Paris institutes a monthly car ban, India mandates panic buttons on all cell phones, more…

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