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April 27, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Ronny Jackson, the White House doctor who publicly complimented President Trump about his health, withdraws his nomination to become Secretary of Veterans Affairs following a list of scandals being brought to light and questions over his experience in veterans’ issues

–David recommends a number of fiction and nonfiction books

–Caller asks which political scandals of old need to be revisited

–Caller wants to hear David’s predictions for the 2018 and 2020 elections

–Caller asks about abiogenesis and the origin of life on earth

–Caller wonders if Democrats will move to the left to win elections

–Caller asks about the alleged Trump pee tape and whether the president will pardon Michael Cohen

–Caller inquires about North Korea and nuclear missile testing

–Caller questions what portion of the Robert Mueller investigation is public knowledge

–Caller believes if Trump is found to be an “illegitimate president” then all of his actions ought to be undone

–Audience Question: Is the user “dpakman” on really David?

–Audience Question: What is the best metric to evaluate the economy?

–Audience Question: Is the term “flyover states” offensive?

–On the Bonus Show: Bernie Sanders announces a job guarantee program, Kris Kobach found in contempt of court, South Korea credits Trump for North Korea peace talks, and much more…

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