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April 22, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Tom Rosenstiel, author, journalist, and media critic, joins David to discuss whether online news media has been a net positive or negative given its advantages and disadvantages, including how it has shaped the political discourse

–The Mueller report confirms almost every major investigative media story from the last 2 years, despite continued claims from Donald Trump and his cronies that reporting was fake news and the report totally exonerates him

–The US drops to 48th in press freedom, below Botswana, Chile, and Romania, as anti-media sentiment continues to be fomented by Donald Trump

–Musician JD Eicher sponsors half price memberships to celebrate the release of his political song “Money Back”

–The release of the Mueller report sinks Donald Trump’s approval rating to its 2019 low

–Momentum for starting impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump grows after the release of the Mueller report

–19-year-old caller with a golden voice wants David’s advice about getting into media

–On the Bonus Show: David’s Passover scandal, the Stop & Shop strike, Michael Avenatti is accused of embezzling millions from an NBA player, much more…

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