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April 13, 2021

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–Mark Rank, Professor of Social Welfare at Washington University in St Louis and author of “Poorly Understood: What America Gets Wrong About Poverty,” joins David to discuss truths and falsehoods about poverty in the United States. Get the book:

–COVID vaccination continues to dramatically accelerate as deaths continue down, but a real question remains about the spike in cases

–US regulators recommended a halt to COVID vaccinations using the Johnson and Johnson vaccine after 6 women experienced a blood clot disorder within two weeks of vaccination

–An exhausted Dr. Anthony Fauci explains to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that the COVID-19 pandemic is not like a baseball game

–Fox News propagandist goes full “white replacement theory” during a recent segment

–Brookyn, Minnesota Police Chief Tim Gannon strangely walks out of a press conference about the recent shooting of Daunte Wright, and then returns, with no explanation

–Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz appears to be connected to a shill candidate named Jestine Iannotti, funded by possible illegal dark money in Florida

–A Trump supporter leaves a voicemail explaining how he sees the reality of the election being stolen from Donald Trump and the supposed truth of the January 6 Trump riots

–On the Bonus Show: Some progressives demanding Justice Breyer retire, PragerU targeting kindergarten, New Zealand passes miscarriage bereavement leave, much more…

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