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April 12, 2017

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–On the Show:

–Ben Dixon, Host of The Benjamin Dixon Show, fills in for David

–Developments continue to unfold regarding the Trump administration’s decision to attack a Syrian airbase last Thursday

–White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer wrongly asserts that  Adolf Hitler did not use chemical weapons on his own people

–United Airlines is facing backlash over violently kicking off a passenger in response to the airline overbooking a flight

–Bill O’Reilly takes an unexpected vacation, all while advertisers remove commercials from his show due to numerous sexual assault allegations

–Attorney General Jeff Sessions orders the Justice Department not to renew the National Commission on Forensic Science

–The FBI obtained a FISA warrant to monitor former Trump adviser Carter Page under suspicion that Page was working as a Russian foreign agent

–Tensions escalate between President Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, and Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner

–The North Carolina legislature introduces a futile bill to ban same-sex marriage

–Alabama Governor Robert Bentley resigns amid revelations that he misused campaign funds to facilitate an affair

–On the Bonus Show: The Daily Mail settles with Melania Trump, Rep. Joe Wilson hears “you lie” from his constituents, Turkey seeks to adopt a presidential system, and much more…

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