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April 10, 2017

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–On the Show:

–Our extensive look into fake news, a history, the difference between fake and propaganda news, and strategies to minimize its effects while improving media literacy

–The Trump administration authorizes 59 Tomahawk missile strikes against the Assad government on an airbase in Western Syria Thursday, reportedly killing nine civilians including four children

–Of the twenty American newspapers that wrote editorials about the US airstrikes on Syria, seventeen were partially or fully in favor, fueling suspicion that corporate media has a vested interest in starting yet another war

–With the YouTube advertiser boycott cutting The David Pakman Show’s revenue by approximately 40%, supporting independent media has become more important than ever before

–ISIS claims responsibility for two bombings on churches in Tanta, and Alexandria, Egypt, that killed at least thirty people and injured at least seventy

–The US military moves a Navy strike group towards the Korean peninsula, presumably a response to North Korea’s recently publicized missile program

–Four people were killed and at least a dozen were injured Friday in Stockholm, Sweden on a major pedestrian street when a truck smashed into the Ahlens department store

–Voicemail from Eggman, who is disgusted over Fox News’s coverage of the US airstrikes on Syria

–On the Bonus Show: New York makes tuition free at public colleges for the middle class, the retail apocalypse, David and Pat try vegan chocolate, and much more…

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