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April 10, 2024

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— Elie Honig, CNN Senior Legal Analyst, New York Magazine Columnist, and author of the new book “Untouchable: How Powerful People Get Away with It,” joins David to discuss the real two-tiered justice system, accountability, and much more. Get the book:

— Just days after Donald Trump puts out a video about abortion essentially saying “let states do whatever they want,” the Arizona Supreme Court upholds an 1864 abortion law that is a near-total ban on abortion, without exceptions for rape or incest, and with criminal penalties for abortion providers

— Republican Congressman Greg Murphy drops the grotesque abortion lie that Democrats want “after-birth abortions” during an appearance on Fox News

— Failed former President Donald Trump takes credit for President Joe Biden’s stock market record and warns Jews during a disgusting interview on Real America’s Voice with Wayne Allyn Root

— Karoline Leavitt, Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign National Press Secretary, claims during an interview that President Joe Biden can’t speak, and in doing so, uses the made up word “damnening” twice

— Sarah Matthews, former aide to President Donald Trump, says that she has no choice but to vote for President Joe Biden in 2024

— Nicole Shanahan, Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s 2024 Vice Presidential running mate, hasn’t been seen at public events since her VP announcement

— Former Trump voter Jim-Bob from West Virginia is voting for President Joe Biden in 2024

— Absolutely furious voicemail caller attacks David for a long list of reasons

— On the Bonus Show: Sage Steele says ESPN told her to stick to Biden interview “script,” AOC sounds alarm over explicit AI-generate videos, Millennials and Gen-Zers are now “splurging” on groceries, much more…

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