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April 5, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Producer Pat Ford fills in for David

— Donald Trump suffers three straight legal defeats, as judges strike down his attempts to get two of his criminal trials dismissed and one of them delayed

— Joe Biden is leading in an increasing number of national polls and leading in the prediction markets

— Donald Trump’s Truth Social stock “DJT” has been on a precipitous decline since its NASDAQ debut, costing Trump billions in net worth

— Republicans claim to be against DEI and affirmative action, yet they benefit greatly from the Electoral College and the structure of the Senate, which are effectively diversity programs to help smaller states

— Right-wing trolls call Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott a “DEI hire” in racist online attacks

— Fox host Maria Bartiromo claims that Biden can’t win without rigging the election, setting the groundwork for more election-denying conspiracy theories if Trump loses again

— The Florida state Supreme Court puts abortion rights on the ballot in a move that will likely help Joe Biden and Democrats

— Fox contributor Tammy Bruce argues that Trump selling bibles is a “regular guy” thing to do

— On the Bonus Show: Biden demands Netanyahu change course in Gaza, Pete Buttigieg shuts down Fox News on EV sales, No Labels not going to field a presidential candidate, and much more…

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