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March 29, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Millions of COVID vaccines appear to have gone “missing” under Donald Trump’s administration

–A son reported his own father to the FBI for his participation in the Trump riots on January 6

–Reporters, including Fox News’ Peter Doocy, are desperate and determined to make Joe Biden and Jen Psaki’s press briefings a joke

–Joe Biden signs an Executive Order mandating the end of federally run private prisons

–Republican Senator Rand Paul says many things that make no sense during a strange appearance on Newsmax TV

–YouTube has suspended Rudy Giuliani’s YouTube channel from its monetization program for 30 days

–Trump supporters are asked whether burning the American flag should be legal in an interesting segment by YouTuber Shoe0nHead

–Donald Trump apparently endorses one of his own former White House Press Secretaries Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the 2022 Arkansas Gubernatorial Republican primary

–Voicemail caller asks whether the COVID vaccine will be mandatory for students attending public school

–On the Bonus Show: Judge blocks Biden’s deportation pause, number of firearms caught at airports doubled in 2020, US considering mandatory COVID tests for domestic air travel, much more…

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