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–On the Show:

–David Brotherton, Professor of Sociology at the City University of New York, joins David to discuss the legalization of street gangs in Ecuador and its effect on crime rates

–Bernie Sanders faces hostile moderators during his Fox News town hall, and absolutely crushes them with facts and logic in an epic backfire for the right wing echo chamber

–Bernie Sanders releases 10 years of taxes and is immediately smeared as a “millionaire”

–Bernie Sanders surpasses Joe Biden in a recent 2020 Democratic primary poll, taking the lead

–Major changes happening on YouTube are having negative impacts on the David Pakman Show YouTube channel, and it could get much more

–Voicemail caller claims y’all leftists y’all think y’all awesome

–On the Bonus Show: Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, 18% say they’re paying lower taxes under Trump, Philadelphia religious freedom lawsuit, and much more…

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