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September 8, 2020

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–On the Show:

–David Dayen, Executive Editor at the American Prospect and author of the new book “Monopolized: Life in the Age of Corporate Power,” joins David to discuss the monopolistic control in various industries, including banking, airlines, mobile phones, pharmacies, and much more. Get the book:

–A new political center is emerging in the United States which wants stricter gun laws, believes tax rates are just right, wants marijuana legalized, and isn’t nearly as libertarian as some want us to hink

–Donald Trump’s campaign is running out of money as a result of both problematic fundraising of late and absurd expenditures

–Donald Trump stumbles across a correct take on the military-industrial complex, but for all the wrong reasons

–Donald Trump holds a press briefing that should horrify the entire planet

–Donald Trump tweets 70 times in one day as he appears to be less stable than ever

–Joe Biden’s lead is now 2.5 times that of Hillary Clinton on this day in 2016, but the election results are very much not guaranteed

–A voicemail caller is scared for his newborn daughter, realizing he brought someone into the world under horrifying circumstances in the United States

–On the Bonus Show: Saudi court sentences Jamal Khashoggi suspects, illegal bar found with 300 people inside, Julian Assange extradition continues, much more…

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