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September 5, 2012

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Today on The David Pakman Show / September 5, 2012

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On the Show:

–Michael Shure, Political Correspondent for The Young Turks on Current TV joins us from Charlotte, North Carolina to review Michelle Obama, Deval Patrick, and Julian Castro’s speeches on the first night of the Democratic National Convention, and to preview Bill Clinton’s speech.

–Luke Vargas, Correspondent for Talk Radio News Service, joins us from Charlotte, North Carolina to discuss the change of venue for President Obama’s DNC speech, and more.

–Tea Party Report’s Susie Sampson joins us from the liberal-infested Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina to discuss what it’s like spending time with liberals.

–Discussing the first night of the DNC, including the constant shots of distracted people, people eating, and more during key moments of important speeches.

–Discussing Governor Deval Patrick, Mayor Julian Castro, and First Lady Michelle Obama’s speeches.

–Accidental millionaire Hui Gao sentenced to 5 years in prison, and we wonder whether we would keep money accidentally transferred into our bank accounts.

–Incredible video from Taiwan catches a fake car accident victim pretending to be hit by a car.

–In response to the “Does David look like Paul Ryan?” segment, the audience sends in pictures of other people they think David looks like.

–A new study from Stanford University claims that organic food is “not any healthier,” although conflicting studies and organizations say the evidence is weak from the Standford study.

–Doctor can turn brown eyes blue permanently…would you want it done?

–Voicemail & email on anti-gay conspiracies, Pope in gay porn movie, Romney calls America a company, more.

–On the Bonus Show: Convicted murdered gets state-funded sex change, boy with Down’s Syndrome denied first class seat by American Airlines, much more.

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