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September 25, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Donald Trump is losing support from white voters, the lone remaining demographic group that made up an important part of his support in 2016

–Donald Trump reportedly said that Jews are “only in it for themselves” after an event with American Jewish leaders

–Caller discusses pushing Joe Biden to the left

–Caller talks about their experience working as a 2020 Census worker

–Caller asks if Democrats should stoop down to Donald Trump’s level

–Caller asks if Democrats are ready to fight Trump in court over the election results

–Caller explains how the American political system is designed to screw over the left

–Caller asks why a six to three conservative Supreme Court is so bad

–Audience Question: Is Roe vs. Wade going to be overturned if Trump replaces Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

–Audience Question: Who is still undecided about the 2020 election?

–Audience Question: Will Donald Trump’s base ever abandon him?

–On the Bonus Show: Trump booed paying respects to RBG, right wing media loves Kenosha shooter, racism has cost America $16 trillion, and much more…

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