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September 21, 2016

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Classic episode from August 4, 2016

On the Show:

–David Hone, lecturer in zoology at Queen Mary University of London, joins David to dispel some common dinosaur myths

–A new poll from Fox News places Hillary Clinton ten points ahead of Donald Trump: 49% to 39%

–RNC chair Reince Priebus is described as “very frustrated” and “stressed,” because he is “running out of excuses” to offer party bigwigs about Donald Trump’s political incompetence and indifference to basic political norms

–Documentary recommendation: Rich Hill

–Donald Trump described vivid details from a video of Iranian officials unloading cash from an airplane; the money was part of a payment, from the U.S. to Iran, to settle a decades-old dispute over an incomplete weapons sale

–Donald Trump proposes an alliance between Russia and the US to fight ISIS; an allegiance that has existed for a year

–Katrina Pierson, Donald Trump’s spokeswoman, backtracks on her claim that President Obama was responsible for the 2004 death of Captain Humayun Khan

–Comcast has informed the FCC that it should be able to apply extra charges to broadband users looking to protect their privacy

–Voicemail on Donald Trump’s IQ

–On the Bonus Show: Professional joint-rolling, private company moon-landing, Olympic hilarity is continuing, more…

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