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September 14, 2021

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–Tim Jackson, ecological economist, professor, and author of the book “Post Growth: Life After Capitalism,” joins David to discuss consumption, growth, macroeconomics, the modern economy, and more. Get the book:

–Democrats are proposing higher taxes on top earners and corporations to pay for their proposed stimulus bill

–Most Americans support vaccine requirements for many activities, including at workplaces, for in-person classes, and at sporting events and concerts

–Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announces that Florida will fine businesses requiring the COVID vaccine $5,000

–Fox News host Chris Wallace confronts Republican Governor Pete Ricketts about his opposition to a COVID vaccine requirement despite having no issue with a chickenpox or polio vaccine requirement

–Anti-vaccine pastor and radio host Bob Enyart has died of COVID

–Complete and total chaos at a Gavin Newsom / Joe Biden rally in California on the eve of the California recall election

–Republican California Gubernatorial recall candidate Larry Elder appears to be conceding defeat and claiming fraud even before the results of the Californai Gubernatorial recall election are known

–Voicemail caller asks whether more Americans would currently be vaccinated if Donald Trump were still President of the United States

–On the Bonus Show: Capitol police upping security before September 18 rally, turning the tables on the plastic crisis, Salesforce offering relocations out of Texas over abortion law, much more…

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