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September 11, 2017

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–On the Show:

–Sean McFate, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council and author of “Deep Black: A Tom Locke Novel,” joins David to discuss his work as a mercenary overseas

–Contrary to what the anti-science right says, Hurricane Irma passing through the Caribbean and Florida provides the most opportune time to discuss the catastrophic effects of climate change

–Equifax, one of three major credit bureaus in the United States, has a major security breach compromising the financial information of 143 million customers including David

–Steve Bannon sits down with Charlie Rose for an interview on CBS’ 60 Minutes and calls President Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey the biggest mistake in “modern political history”

–Hillary Clinton adviser Adam Parkhomenko goes to Twitter attacking the “Bernie would have won” mantra and suggesting that the Bernie Sanders campaign coordinated with the Russians

–Hillary Clinton has an interview with CBS Sunday Morning and provides a number of excuses for why she lost the 2016 US presidential election, including the James Comey letter, Russian efforts to infiltrate the campaign, voter suppression, and misogyny

–Police at the University of California Berkeley close down the operation of a hot dog vendor on campus who did not have a permit, ticket him, and take away his earned money

–Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a rough week as his wife Sarah faces charges for fraud and his son Yair faces public scrutiny for posting an antisemitic meme to his own Facebook account

–Voicemail caller says the New England Patriots are the worst team in the National Football League

–On the Bonus Show: Plastic found in drinking water on five continents, Uber under investigation for spying on Lyft drivers, AI can identify sexual orientation better than humans, and much more…

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