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October 9, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Three Supreme Court justices, at minimum, are very willing to throw out absentee ballots this election cycle

–Donald Trump must turn over tax returns based on the latest court decision…or must he?

–Caller wonders if Republican senators getting COVID will delay the Supreme Court vote

–Caller asks why Trump ended stimulus package negotiations

–Caller asks for David’s opinions about South American leaders

–Caller is an ER doctor on the front lines against coronavirus

–Caller asks how to shut down the “Biden is a socialist” argument

–Caller talks about progressives who won’t vote for Joe Biden

–Caller discusses key Senate races

–Caller wonders how the Trump White House managed its own COVID outbreak so horribly

–Audience Question: Does Trump getting coronavirus help or hurt his reelection odds?

–Audience Question: When will we know the results of the 2020 election?

–Audience Question: Why are older voters abandoning Trump?

–On the Bonus Show: Producer Pat reviews forecasting models for the 2020 election, and much more…

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